Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Support Your Authors!

I know, I know, another post about writing? No. This is for all of you readers out there. This includes authors. We love to read blogs, short stories, anthologies, the latest novels, etc., don't we? Some think that this supports the authors plenty, and yes, it does, but there are so many other ways to do this. Have you checked on your favorite author's blog lately? Website? How about doing that and putting the link to it on your social media? You might be surprised at the response. Sometimes I find the best posts quite by accident, but when a friend or family member posts something about Terry Brooks or Heather Graham, it is news to me and I jump at it. When it is someone I haven't heard of, I still get curious and check it out and I know I am not the only one who would do that.
Twitter is great for getting out ideas and such but have you added authors to your Twitter lists? I have and have discovered many writers and books I might never have heard of otherwise. This also goes for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, among others. Some of these posts they put out there also support other authors, as well. This is a domino effect that benefits the reader as much as the author.
Maybe you are the type that finds treasures by accident at garage sales with boxes of books marked a dollar each or you are the kind that stalks that perfect book at book stores in hopes that that book just jumps out at you. I happen to be both, but we are a world in the technological age. Why not use it?
Now, you have followed my advice and checked out your fave's blog or website. On it you found a link to one of his/her fave writers. Bonus! Drop a comment on their page and let them know how you feel about them and their writing. Trust me, we are not snobs who think we have enough people reading our stuff and will brush you off. These comments are ambrosia to us!
Have you ever left a review on an author page or on Amazon/B&N/etc.? Reviews tell us where we go right and where we go wrong. Without you telling us, how will we know? I don't care if fifty people leave a review for my book, I still want to here from you and I know the rest of the authors do, too. Not to mention the fact that other readers depend on these reviews to help them decide if this is the book for them. I go straight to the reviews when I look at my next online purchase of a book. People can be brutally honest about it and believe it or not, the author appreciates every word. Even the bad ones (no I don't mean swearing. Lol) tell them something.
There are many ways to promote a writer and I have only covered a few of them. If you have more ways, please tell us in the comments below.
Here is an idea. If you have a link to an awesome writer, leave that link in the comments, as well. I would love to check it out and I know others would, too.

Have a great day!

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