Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Reflections

This morning, as always, I logged onto my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Looking over all of the posts, I found that I looked forward to seeing what everyone was up to on a daily basis. This isn't because I do not have a life of my own to keep up with, quite the contrary, but I do much of my socializing on various networks such as these. This morning, however, I really let it sink in. Some of these people on Twitter have become associates and even friends yet we have never spoken more than through various emails. The folks on Facebook are my family, friends and even a few fans. Each and every one of these people have touched my life is some way. They have helped me get through sorrows and celebrations, the birth of a new book and several grandchildren, helped me in the kitchen (even if it was just with a better recipe than my own), gave me a boost when I needed it and taught me new things EVERY DAY!
I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate everyone in my life, even the "electronic" ones. lol. Thanks for helping me be a better person, writer, mom and friend. I could not have accomplished everything that I had in 2013 without you.

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