Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Insanity of Writing

Yea, I admit it. I hear voices in my head. I daydream being on a great quest with a kinder, a dwarf and a great wizard to who knows where for who knows what. I attempt, whats the word, yea, improvisation of a fantasy situation. Asking my son or fiance what we will do if the ogres do invade our village. Sometimes it works, other times they look at me like I need another Citalipram.  I wake up at all hours of the night writing in an illegable writing in a notebook in the dark. I spend hours planning all of the details and mapping it all out for the next morning only to scrap it all with a new route in the story. I forget whether or not I had eaten because the characters in the story just had a major meal and I think I did too. I do without sleep to write until the loved ones remind me that 48 hours is a bit too much to sit at a keyboard in one stretch. I have woke up with keyboard face with the end of the last sentence being nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmm.........
 The writer lives in his or her own little world about 60% of the time. Moods and situations in real life tend to sway the storyline as its going making real life and fantasy life tend to meld together. I am not above putting an annoying neighbor in my stories as an antagonist that is defeated bitterly then go out and wave at him with a smile (silly warlock. you didn't see it coming did you?).
The hours, lack of sleep and different plots fighting in our heads all make us a little nutty but that has to be good because somewhere there is a reader or two who is reading my stories and can't put it down at dinner time, the night before an important meeting or whatever. He/she/it is so deep in the story that reality and fantasy mingle. Sound familiar? Yes, I admit I am insane, but the writing makes all of the voices happy.

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