Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shannan Drake

Recently I was given a novel by Shannan Drake (aka Heather Graham) named "When Darkness Falls."  My daughter gave me the book and I knew she had a passion for romances and, being a romance author herself, loves it when it has a twist. I normally do not read romances but I do love suspense romances and this definitely qualifies. I was so hoping when I started to read that this wasn't going to be another "fluffy" vampire. Don't get me wrong, it has its place for sure. I just was in the mood for some danger. Well, I got it. "When Darkness Falls" is the second novel in the Vampire Series. The heroin of the story is an architectural anthropologist named Jade MacGregor. Our hero, a vamp named Lucian DeVeau who demands (yes, I said it) that he protect her from unseen evils that she doesn't even believe in. The details that Ms. Drake has put in her adventures is outstanding. New Orleans, Scotland, battles and slaughters, all are in vivid details that could bring back old smells and sights whether or not the reader had experienced these places personally.  A story of love transcending time and natural laws, I definitely recommend the Vampire series to anyone who wants to step out of their world (and in the arms of a sexy vampire).

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